Small Ax is a uniquely nimble creative production company. Our success is the result of reimagining the creative production business—both in terms of how we work with producers, directors and creatives, and how we engage with and deliver concepts to our clients.

Six bold visionaries.

The core of Small Ax consists of just six industry executives. This battle-tested, entrepreneurial team includes an Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker, a recent winner the Audience Choice Award—at both the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals, and an award-winning Broadway theatre director / producer.

These executives pioneered the concept of “expertsourcing,” our term for crowdsourcing top creative talent—and we’ve spent the last seven years refining this business model, and the expertsources it involves.


What we do

Small Ax connects brands and agencies to a highly curated group of creative talent, and independent producers, who work their magic in our Ideation to Production® process.

Every project is considered a unique production, receiving skills-based dream teams selected from our curated pool of top worldwide talent.

Small Ax choreographs all facets of a project, while never leaving a client in the wondering wilds—we are in the business of communication, after all. We also take care of the pesky, yet necessary details, ensuring all content, visuals and music are fully cleared for use in perpetuity.

Creative Minds

Small Ax Creative is a dynamic production agency that leverages a hand-selected community of global producers to create premium content for brands. We are committed to the art of storytelling, collaborating creatively with producers to deliver quality product to our clients, from Super Bowl spots to social media campaigns. Since July 2014, we have completed multiple projects for a variety of brands, including: Disney, Aulani, Disney Cruise Lines, Free Conference Call, Build-a-Bear, Ogilvy and KIND.




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Creative Director


Executive Vice President, Business & General Counsel